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Africa Yacht Charters are not thought of as often as the African safari, but have a lot to offer the ocean lover. The most popular spots for yachting are the Indian Ocean Islands, and the east and south coasts of the African continent. Beginning in Kenya or Tanzania on the east coast, many yachts travel south to Mozambique, which has one of the longest coastlines in Africa with deserted palm-fringed beaches and long coral reefs. And, the southern route around the Republic of South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope offers a rewarding trip around the tip of a fascinating continent. One of the most appealing of the Indian Ocean islands is the Seychelles Archipelago, occupying 176 square miles of the ocean, and comprised of over 100 islands that are surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons. Of these islands, Mahe is the largest, and is the main port with 90% of the population. Further south lies the huge island of Madagascar, just off the coast of Mozambique. It is the fourth largest island in the world, and has a diverse landscape where much of its flora and fauna is unique to the island. Although not as popular as the east and south coasts, there are yacht charters along the southwestern coast of Africa to Dassen Island, and also in Egypt’s Red Sea. The temperature in Africa and the islands does not vary much throughout the year, and although rain gear is always recommended, it is hotter and rains more frequently in January and February.

Africa Yacht Charters
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