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Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, a region bordered by France to the north and the rest of Spain to the south. This city of nearly two million sits on a plain that slopes gently down from the Sierra de Collserola to the sea, with a gorgeous coastline that stretches from the Zona Franca region to the district of Besos. As a yachting destination, Barcelona offers a typically pleasant Mediterranean climate, and a beautiful European city that is both progressive and traditional. Although very much a part of Spain, Barcelona and Catalonia have always been recognized as a culturally unique entity, and it was showcased for the rest of the world when the 1992 Olympic games were held here. Barcelona’s colorful Sea Front or “Port Olympic” is always bustling with activity, and offers yachting enthusiasts all types of water sports, beach activities, restaurants, discos and bars. Just next to the port is Barceloneta, or “small Barcelona,” the traditional district for sailors and fishermen. This is a fascinating city to walk its’ historic streets and alleyways, and explore its’ many different districts. In the Barrio Gotico, or “Medieval Center” of the city, you will find old antique dealers, street merchants, and it is here where most of the historical events of Barcelona took place. Other places of interest include the monument of Christopher Columbus, the Maritime Museum and the Maremagnum, or “Moll d’Espanya,” a shopping center that is visited on weekends by the people of Barcelona, with many restaurants, as well as a large aquarium.


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