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Gibraltar is a pivotal point for yachts arriving and departing from Europe, the Americas or Africa. The Rock of Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, but serves both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and is also adjacent to the popular coastline of the Algarve and the Costa Del Sol. There are three marinas on the western side of the Rock - Marina Bay, Sheppards and Queensway Quay. Yachts are required to use one or the other of these marinas and are not allowed to anchor anywhere else except with permission from the Port Authority. Covering an area of just 2.5 square miles, Gibraltar boasts first-class shopping facilities, fine hotels, a wide range of yacht charter excursions, numerous historical sights and a unique blend of Spanish, British Colonial and 14th century Arab architecture. Itís difficult not to be impressed when you first lay eyes on the massive limestone Rock of Gibraltar as it towers over the countryside. Itís a tourist magnet, and taking the official 90-minute tour of the Rock is the best way to see some of Gibraltarís most interesting sites. There are tons of other things to see in Gibraltar, among them a Morrish Castle built in the year 742. Other sights include the Alameda Botanical Gardens, the City Gates and Fortifications, The Lighthouse and the Village at Catalan Bay. No visit to Gibraltar would be complete without visiting Nelsonís Anchorage, with its magnificent views across the Strait of Gibraltar and of Rosia Bay.


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