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Santorini is a small island located at the south end of the Cyclades Island complex, approximately 70 nautical miles from Crete. Santoriniís official name is Thira, but is usually referred to as Santorini. This most beautiful and mysterious Greek Island is referred to as one, but is actually a complex of five islands. Santorini (Thira) is the main island and around it Thirasia and Aspronisi (parts of the ancient Stroggili) and the two volcanic islands Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni. Santorini is an island of breathtaking sunsets (some say the best in the world,) black sand beaches, an imposing landscape, a volcano and archaeological sites. Fira, Santoriniís capital city clings to the edge of a cliff, which is in fact the rim of a crater. The city lies 900 feet above the landing port and about 800 very broad, zigzagged steps up for the port. Climbing the steps with a mule has been a tradition on Santorini for years, but modern day tourists prefer the cable car. On Santorini you can enjoy sailing trips around the island, cruise to the rest of the Cyclades and beyond. The Santorini Maritime Sports Association holds many special sporting events throughout the year, and also gives instruction in nautical skills and basic sailing techniques. The weather on Santorini is mostly sunny with the hottest and driest months being July and August, and the wettest is October to February. Unlike any other place on Earth, Santorini is a unique and fascinating yachting destination.


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