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Scotland ,as a yachting destination, is steeped in maritime history, and offers magnificent coastal scenery, unpolluted air and water and excellent facilities. You will be following the same course as the early settlers and Vikings who dominated north and west Scotland for centuries. Famous yachtsmen such as William Fife, GL Watson, Prince Albert and Sir Thomas Lipton helped make Scotland world renowned as a yachting destination. Scotland is also ideal for the less experienced yachter, where there is little commercial shipping, tides are not strong, fog is rare and pilotage is straightforward. Scotland offers an uncrowded coastline and hundreds of islands, as well as a half dozen modern marinas and many businesses that offer boating services. Some of the best yachting is on the west coast where the scenery is most majestic and dotted with sheltered coves and peaceful, quiet harbors. A total of 26 rivers flow directly into the sea, and much of the west coast is intersected by Sea Lochs, with the longest, Loch Fyne, penetrating more than 40 miles inland. Scotland has superb fishing grounds, and it is said that its “underwater environment is as rugged as its landscape – an unpolluted home for a variety of marine life – and many wreck diving opportunities.” Onshore, Scotland is known for its medieval castles and cathedrals, folk museums, marine aquarium, bagpipe makers, nature reserves and sub-tropical gardens.


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