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Valletta Malta is the capital city and commercial heart of the Maltese Islands. Set in the azure blue waters of the central Mediterranean, Malta is a main cruising base for yachting. On approaching the Maltese Islands, contact should be established with the Valletta Port Control who will guide your yacht to the visitors berth. For centuries Valletta has been Malta’s gateway and several companies offer every size and type of yacht for charter along the archipelago’s 200 km of beautiful coastline. Marsaxlokk Bay has taken over a large share of the island’s cargo vessels, with The Grand Harbor, one of the world’s largest and deepest natural harbors, directing its activities more towards cruising. The new Valletta Waterfront along the Grand Harbor, which will be completed in 2005, will include a large waterfront shopping and leisure complex housed in a series of fully restored 18th century buildings. The city of Valletta has a rich European island culture, with theater, music, art and traditional festivals and street events held against the city’s magnificent baroque architecture. It’s a delightful city for shopping with its’ narrow side streets full of small shops selling antiques, jewelry, clothing, books and art. Around every corner is another intriguing site; courtyards, squares, gardens, historical monuments, cafes and restaurants. The Maltese Islands will delight any yachtsman, and is an ideal destination at the center of the Mediterranean.

Valletta Malta

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